A Landscaping Service Offers a Wide Range of Services

A landscaping service offers designing an outdoor space to installing plants, grading a site and building retaining walls, walkways, patios and other hardscape features. A landscape business may be a full-service design/build firm that performs all the work itself, or it may offer only the planning services with someone else — such as a garden center or another independent designer — doing the installation. Some landscaping businesses also supply plant materials and mulch, while others install irrigation systems and perform masonry work.

Moscarino Landscape + Design is an experienced company that provides lawn care and landscaping to clients in New York City. Its service technicians provide scheduled mowing, string trimming, seasonal yard cleanups, aeration, dethatching, seeding and weed control. They also offer tree pruning, stump grinding and shrub removal. Other services include outdoor landscape design and installation, paving, water gardens and outdoor entertainment spaces.

Many landscaping firms employ a botanist, who is a scientific professional who studies plants. Botanists are essential for understanding how different species of trees and other plants grow, adapt to specific environmental conditions, and how best to maintain them. They often work with landscape designers and managers to determine which plants are suited to a particular environment and soil type.

A landscaping company should make its pricing and terms of service clear. In addition to discussing the cost of the project, it should explain whether there will be any additional fees, such as for extra soil preparation or for installing a fire pit or retaining wall. It should also address the duration of any ongoing maintenance agreement, including what tasks will be included and how frequently they are performed. Disreputable companies will sometimes charge for additional work without first getting customer approval, so customers should stay engaged with their contractors from the start to avoid any surprises.

Lawn and landscape maintenance is an important part of any outdoor living space, and it requires a lot of time and attention. A good landscaper will keep the grass mowed and trimmed, remove fallen leaves and branches, and spread mulch to preserve moisture. They can also prune trees and shrubs, set up flowerbeds, and trim hedges. In the winter, they can also help with snow removal and ice storm clean up.

Brancato Landscaping Contractor has been in business for over 54 years and is based in Cliffside Park, New Jersey. Its yard professionals mow and weed lawns on a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly schedule that suits the client’s availability. They can also spread wood chips, mulch and sod, and fertilize and treat weeds and pests on request. They can also build pavers, retaining walls and other hardscape features. In the summer, they can plant and weed flowerbeds and set up an irrigation system. The company also offers masonry, landscape design and renovation, and snow removal services. They have an excellent rating with online reviewers.

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