Packing Service, Inc. is gaining a reputation as one of the most trusted boxing companies

Offering onsite crating services with custom made wooden crates and crates

Packing Service, Inc. gains a reputation as one of the most trusted box company and helps companies to safely transport their boxes at home and abroad. PSI takes this opportunity to share some benefits of hiring a professional packaging company. The first and most important advantage is that they offer full assistance in terms of packing, wrapping and labeling of the items to keep them intact and safe throughout transportation. These professionals only use high quality packaging materials to ensure the contents inside the boxes are safe. Hiring a professional also saves a lot of time, which allows people to avoid spending time doing things by themselves.

The second benefit is that customers can have a seamless experience with experienced packers, movers and crate specialists doing their jobs in the most efficient way. Whether it’s local, long-distance, or long-haul transportation, a professional packing company has the logistics to handle a move, pack, or crate job with ease. The third most important advantage is that customers can also experience services with customized offers. Da Packing Service, INC. is a full service moving and packing company, they strive to make it as cost effective as possible for their customers. Those who regularly use PSI services can also benefit from special price packages. Customers are also offered alternative service providers such as third-party packers, movers and delivery partners.

Packing Service Inc.

Packing Service, Inc. is one of the most reputable packaging and crating companies known for its international crating standards. The packaging company builds their own custom wooden crates on site. You can build crates for furniture, machinery, industrial equipment, and any other item regardless of its weight or size. The crates will be adjusted according to the specifications. The company uses the best quality wood for the boxes. Only the best employees with at least one year’s experience are sent to the on-site location to ensure the job is done well. The crates are also loaded and shipped nationally and internationally.

PSI offers various crate services at flat rates: wooden crates, wooden crates, commercial crates, residential crates, crates, reusable crates, collapsible crates, display crates, foreign and domestic crates, electrical and IT equipment crates, computer crates, furniture crates, art and antique crates, museum-quality crates, on-site and off-site crates , floating crates, crates for palletizing and heavy machinery, animal transport crates are the most popular. Name it and these experts can build a box for anything, specifically tailored to the dimensions of the contents. In addition to crating, the company also specializes in palletizing, especially for industrial machinery, electronics, oversized furniture and large and valuable items. They also prepare these items for shipment to the destination at home or abroad.

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About Packing Service Inc.

Packing Service, Inc. is a pro packaging company Expert in packing, crating, palletizing, loading and shipping services to almost every city and state in the United States. Packing Service Inc. offers premium packaging solutions that ensure your valuables arrive in perfect condition. As one of the reputable box carriers, PSI offers a variety of services including crating, loading and unloading, wooden crating, palletizing, moving and nationwide shipping services.



Packing Service, Inc.

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Packing Service Inc.

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