RTFANS, China’s leading manufacturer of HVLS fans, updates its inventory of evaporative coolers

Cooling solutions designed for maximum cooling and energy saving

RTFANS, China’s leading manufacturer and supplier of HVLS fans and evaporative coolers, has updated inventory with a new range of products. The company offers ventilation and cooling solutions for large rooms from a single source. Their product range consists of hvls industrial ceiling fans, commercial ceiling fans, evaporative air cooler, cooling pads and exhaust fans. The industrial air coolers are designed to provide the ultimate cooling effect and they are available in large scale for factories that need energy efficient cooling. These cost-effective cooling solutions are also offered for large indoor and outdoor areas.


Warehouses need proper ventilation to provide employees with a comfortable workplace, thereby improving their efficiency and productivity on a daily basis. Warehouses are also used for storage, which means that the stored items also need to be protected from moisture. Warehouse ventilation is of paramount importance and RTFANS offers great Cooling fans for bearings to address these issues. There are various models that are being marketed for different purposes including airport waiting rooms, HVLS overhead fans for churches, livestock farms and livestock sheds, schools and commercial showrooms, factories, distribution centers, shopping malls and more.

The evaporative air coolers are also referred to as environmental air conditioners, water-cooled condensers or desert coolers. They are the most cost effective and practical way to cool large indoor and outdoor areas. These air coolers can quickly cool open production halls, factories and other open spaces. Both evaporative air coolers and HVL fans for industrial ventilation are low in both investment and running costs. The high-quality material from RTFANS promises durability. Every single motor is subjected to a 100% quality control. The wall mounted evaporative air coolers are the most practical options for large industrial and commercial spaces, retail stores, shopping malls, internet cafes, workshops, factories, warehouses and distribution centers.

RTFANS strives to provide the best designs and eco-friendly cooling solutions for various industrial, commercial and residential applications. The company has acquired immense knowledge and expertise in evaporative cooling technology and products with thousands of applications for large industrial and commercial ventilation and cooling solutions. Their products are designed to improve indoor air quality and create a fresh and comfortable living and working environment. With almost 2 decades in the industry, RTFANS never fails to adhere to its strict quality control and monitoring, from system design, engineering, testing to after-sales service. The company’s goal is to become the world’s leading supplier of specialized HVLS fansindustrial air coolers, cooling fans, large industrial ceiling fansand other cooling solutions.

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RTFANS, headquartered in Kowloon City, Hong Kong, is the manufacturer and supplier of the best HVLS fans and evaporative coolers in China. The company has been providing premium cooling solutions for over 18 years. The company boasts a huge factory where all design, construction and quality checks are carried out on a large scale. Established in 2003, RTFANS has over 8000 projects on its account while serving more than 3250 clients in over 40 countries around the world.



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