Toolboxes For Your Ute

A toolbox is a storage container used to carry equipment, tools or other supplies. It could range from a small, portable box to a large storage system that is mounted on wheels. They are typically constructed of metal.

Aluminium is the most popular material used in truck tool boxes because it is durable and light. They also look sleek and look great. They keep your tools safe from theft and weather.

Toolboxes for under trays

Under tray Toolboxes Brisbane are a popular choice. They are placed under the rear wheel well of the ute and are great to store small items such as straps, tools or recovery gear. They can also be used to store boots that are muddy or other small objects. They can also make more space inside the tray of your ute so that you can store spare tires and other things.

Most commonly made of aluminium which weighs about a few kilograms and feature a return lip design that blocks dust and water intrusion for safe on and off-road use. The Whale Tail handles that compress or the heavy-duty T handle can be used to lock them for easy operation.

They are great for mounting water pumps or compressors. They’re not designed to carry heavy weights or shackles which could harm the chassis. They’re placed at the rear of your ute, which is where you need as much room as possible for departure angles.

Ute chests

A ute chest can be used to store equipment and tools. It is designed to fit neatly in the back of an ute tray. It provides a convenient, safe place for your equipment and protects it from weather or theft. These storage solutions are ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, tradesmen, and more.

One Eleven steel boxes are made tough in Australia They are fully weld and finished in our Armor Tuf powder coat. They are ideal for the back of your work vehicle, especially for tradies, builders, electricians, plumbers, carpenters landscapers, painters, foresters, and farmers.

This aluminum ute box comes with 4 drawers of storage, a rubber weather seal and twin flush fitting T-handle locks, keyed alike. It’s water and dust-proof fully welded, and comes with a hammertone gray UV stable powder coated. It is specifically designed for 1 ton vehicles and is perfect for road maintenance vehicles and tradespeople. It’s simple to install and will safeguard your equipment.

Full opening toolboxes

It’s important to have a secure and safe place to store your tools and other equipment while you’re traveling as a tradesman. A tool chest for utes is a great option to keep your tools, parts and accessories well-organized and safe from elements, damage or theft when you’re working.

These aluminium ute tools boxes have lids with flush-fitting that are supported by gas struts and open fully using hinges made of stainless steel. These trucks can also be fitted with locks to enhance security. They are also resistant to dust and weather.

They are great for 4WDs, and can be used in combination with any rack system including System One ladderracks. There is no drilling needed to mount them. They are attached directly to the gussets on the rack. They’re available in different lengths to suit the length of your truck bed. Choose from different drawer designs and colours to find the best solution for your storage requirements.

Toolboxes made of steel

These truck tool boxes are a great investment for tradesmen looking to safeguard their equipment from theft and the elements. These boxes come in various sizes and can either be mounted above or beneath your tray. This allows you to keep larger items like shovels and rakes. There are even the ute toolbox with multiple drawer options for extra components and other supplies.

Typically, these toolboxes for trucks are constructed of steel, which is more durable than aluminum and can withstand impacts better. They are also resistant to cold weather and won’t crack or snap during cold temperatures. Powder coating is commonly used to make them resistant to the elements. They also have rust-proofing.

They can be fitted with a locking mechanism to prevent theft. The rubber seal can be used to protect the contents against dust and dirt. Additionally, certain models are water-resistant to protect your equipment from rain. This is an important feature as damp tools and equipment can corrode quickly.

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